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Knowledge Base updates

Hi everybody,

summer break is here after an eventful year of sessions, and I thought this might be a good time to update the improvisation Knowledge Base here on the website.

I will add soon articles about Duration/Time-Span and about Conducting, which I didn’t come round to reflect on during the season.

If you’ve been leading sessions, please consider to spend an afternoon contributing something about your subject (also if you participated, by the way, you are very welcome  🙂  )

And also for those of you who follow us from far around the globe, please have a read through the Knowledge Base (via the menu) and let me know if you have things to say, correct, add.

Looking forward to more research, reflection and knowledge building together with you in the next season.

Have a great summer,


Website + Knowledge Base update

Dear all,

I just changed the website layout to a different, more clear set-up. Have a look around.

There are also two new sections in the Knowledge Base – ready to be filled in by your contributions to the theme:

Audience and Structures/Scores.

The planning for sessions in autumn 2012 is on it’s way. If you would like to lead a session on an improvisation subject this season, get in touch!


“Skills” section in the Knowledge Base

Hi there,       
I have updated the Knowlegde Base and added a new section about the skills for improvisation.

Find it here: Skills and Craftsmenship

Please feel free to comment, agree and disagree, and contribute your own findings!


Opening the Knowlegde Base

hi people,

I opened a new section on this website: The Interdisciplinary Instant Composition Knowledge Base

A whole mouthful and an ambitious name, but in effect it is simply to gather and define the principles of instant composition that we can all agree on, in order to give focus and quality to the work we are doing in the sessions.

As last year on the old website I want to make an effort to facilitate the discussion about those principles because I believe that theory forming is very important next to the work ‘on the floor’. So please contribute!

Find the new section under the menu above right (“Knowledge Base”), or simply click here.