What are our strategies as improvisers to challenge, explore and make art on the boundaries of reality, imagination and performance?

Performance (in) Reality?

What are general issues that need to be addressed with a group of interdisciplinary improvisers to gain clarity about the question in order to perform together? What constitutes performance reality and what the ‘common’ reality, what about all the overlapping states in between? Is it useful/practical to talk about it in this (binary) way, or do we want to to find new words and ways to approach the issue?

Some aspects that we have explored until now:

What is Reality? (the philosophical/elemental side of the subject)

In and Out and In-Between (practical tools for the subject)

States of being, Roles we take (a discussion of the roles we take and the different states we experience in reality and performance)

Quotes from WhatIIIF2019:

People came out of the hair salon > the chemist stopped as we were walking > they could feel the energy between us. We were like magnets. Everything became clearer, all walkers became part of the picture.
Everything that was happening became sharper. Everything that was happening became clearer.

I enter a space. Something is clearly going on in a certain time; it has a dramaturgy, but I can’t ‘read’ it. My start is somewhere else in this timeline. How do I enter?
—————————————————– // ———— I enter as a body, visible and watching. Trying to ‘read’ the room and its actions. I calculate where to be present but not changing the room. Is that possible?

W h e n w e w e n t o u t o n t h e s t r e e t c o r n e r, w e w e r e e n t i r e l y t h e r e…

I really don’t like the word PERFORMANCE today. I don’t like the idea of PERFORMING. Does a person have to be visible and present and watching me in order for me to be performing?

:::Receiving new inputs:::Quick deliberation:::Producing new outputs:::Its a way of life not something I switch on when I enter a performance in a gallery or on stage.

= heightened situation where we explore what it is to be real (and human)=

I am constantly talking about bringing improvisation into daily life. There is no real difference for me between improvisation and reality. I would rather improvise a performance than go somewhere to perform!!!!!!!!!