CC #16: Doppelgänger

Marije Nie / Thomas Johannsen
The first two sessions of the season :  Doppelgänger (8 and 15 September)
We decided to keep both sessions open to anyone, for the start-up of the season. So if you cannot make it on the 8th, you are welcome to come the 15th, and vice versa. But do let us know when you will participate, so we can make a plan according to group size and disciplines present.
We will work with the theme of ‘The Double/Doppelgänger’.  This is inspired by another multidisciplinary project that we are preparing for and we therefore have great interest in this theme. We had an inspiring talk today together with Makiko, and – as we were exepecting – there is ample connection with the Carpet Collective’s quest to gather and research work methods for interdisciplinary instant composition.
About the theme:
We are interested in the specific relationship that performers will have if you give them the task to be ‘Doppelgänger’. Which is not necessarily about copying each other, but about being intrinsically connected to each other in a certain way. This connects to earlier questions about relationships on stage we researched: Who is part of who’s world? Seperation and one thing… etc. (check out last year’s sessions on the webspace, it is lovely to read through them).
There is always imagination involved with the issue of ‘the double’, often it is dark, eerie. It has to do with wishes, dreams, fears.. a thing that went wrong, a wish that was never uttered, an aspect that was hidden and is coming out through the Double, or an accident that reveals the ‘true nature’ of something.
When looking at improvisation performance in this light, could you unveil a hidden aspect that lingers ‘underneath’ the instant composition piece that is being played, and how to trigger it to reveal itself?
To give some more words:
What births a doppelganger?
How can you be a doppelganger and what happens if you have one (or more)?
If there is a doppelganger is there always an original?
Which one is the dream (or both)?
The nightmare/utopia of being many as one
What makes things (exactly) the same?
If you want to join our little project, please comment on this post with “I’ll be there!”  🙂   so we know who to expect.
If you can’t see where to comment, click on the icon next to the date of this post (under the title).
Looking forward to be working with you!

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