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WhatIIIF 2019 in full swing!

WhatIIIF 2019 in full swing!

Dear improvisers, the 2019 edition of WhatIIIF in Gothenborg, Sweden, is going into its second day and the work is expanding, connecting and thickening. What a wonderful, intense time. If you happen to be close enough, come tomorrow for witnessing more of this process of exchanging about the art of interdisciplinary improvisation performance at Galleri … Continue reading

About this website

This website is intended for the research and development of IMPROVISATION as a craft/discipline in itself.

It invites dedicated improvisers from any discipline to share their work methods and principles, in order to develop an INTERDISCIPLINARY VOCABULARY for instant composition.

We are interested in principles and work methods that we can share amongst musicians, dancers, light-designers, painters, video artists, talk-facilitators, scientists, actors, story-tellers, performance artists, managers, puppeteers...(the list is endless), to work with improvisation on a high level in interdisciplinary contexts.

"INSTANT COMPOSITION" combines the notion of working from the moment (INSTANTaneous creation) with the intention to build something (COMPOSING a piece with an audience present). This means that for us, improvisation principles are always concerned with both the question of FREEDOM and the question of STRUCTURE.

The website contains an open source Knowledge Base which invites improvisation practitioners from around the world to contribute their knowledge in the field. Next to this, you can find information about the regular open research sessions that are held in Amsterdam by the Carpet Collective, a network of improvisers from various disciplines who gather around the sharing and development of interdisciplinary work methods and principles.

This online space is intended as an OPEN, DEVELOPING PROJECT, where your feedback, ideas for the organisation of the website and the Improvisation Knowledge Base, as well as textual contributions of any kind are very much welcomed!

If you are INTERESTED, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the Contact form.