Objects & Stuff sessions starting

Dear improvisers,

the Objects&Stuff sessions are coming up! – Times are a bit different than usual:

13:45 studio open / warming up
14:15 session starts (till 17:00)

Dates are: 22-11,  06-12 and 13-12

We have a great research group, consisting of:

Martine van Ditzhuyzen – physical theater/objects/voice
Lindai Boogerman – puppets/objects
Thomas Johannsen – theater/dance/voice
Angela Leijdekkers – puppets/objects
Yinske Silva – voice
Amazone Nativel – voice
Tanaquil Schuttel – voice/dance
Marije Nie – tap (musician/dancer)
Lenneke Bisschop – dance
Maaike van de Westering – dance
Suzan Lemont – dance
Tom Goldhand – dance
Sandrina – (dance?)

If there are any instrumentalists who would still like to join, you are welcome, but let us know quickly.

For the rest, the group is now closed, as it is quite big already. This also means these three sessions are not open to just show up and join: We’d like to have a group that grows in the work throughout the three sessions.

We will start working with simple materials as paper and plastic, exploring the relationships that can be established between performers of different disciplines and these ‘textures/things’ on stage. Later, we might introduce other objects, also drawing from the wishes and interests of the group. The focus will be of course on the principles for instant composition performance: What helps/is useful/is important to acknowledge and work on in terms of ‘common ground’ in order to improvise with objects as a group, for an audience?

See also our earlier post, here.

Looking forward to see you on the 24th!

Martine, Lindai, Thomas

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