report from 8 November session

I would like to report of 8 November session, we will have 2nd one on 20 December.

Great to share our study with you!



Starting point

Marije did a project called ” shadow feet”, using flash lights.

Marije will explain about her piece better than me, so I will skip this part.

After that, Marije and I had a chance to make a instant compostion piece in of of RKL performance. We tried several possibilities with flash lights, but also would lie to dig in q question regarding ” lighting” ” being lighted”.

Last session in 8 November, 

Marije introduced ” shadow feet” format, and we explored these through several improvisation sessions. Actually it was great option to use flash lights, we could  do many things, it shows good chance for light designer/ visual artist to do their subject in the space.

In this session, I(Makiko) would like to search about the issue” Lighting/ being lighted” Without lights. Through my experience doing instant composition with lights and also without lights, ” lighting” is not anymore practical/actual lights itself. It is more important fact especially ‘ ensemble’ work.

We did several improvisation sessions without using lights, but focusing on lighting and being lighted. I felt it gives us to see the piece( instant composition ) from different point of view than just as dancers.

At end we did one last session with lights.

Through the work, we pointed out some points which I believe we can continue to search on 20 DEC.

And I hope we can share this experience with musicians as well.

As Marjie is tap dancer/she is both of dancer and musician. Its good door to talk about visual issue – sounds issue. how we can share understanding of the visual/music……

Hope we can do more on 20 DEC!

Beside this, wishing your great winter time!

3 thoughts on “report from 8 November session

    1. Hi again,

      I have too many things to do and I wont make it tomorrow. Sorry, and hope for another opportunity.


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