schedule Dreamer and the observer research project

Hello everyone,

I am very happy about the responses around this project and i am very much looking forward to take this path with you all.

I would like to set the time as follow:

I’ll be there at 13:00pm to open the doors

we can start at 13:30 et finish at 16:30 with a short pause in between, maybe a little later if needed when the topic or the discussion will ask for it…

I hope this schedule fits everyone possibility and convenience.

So now looking forward to next Thursday.

PS. you can bring any medium or material you would like to explore as well, for example if you’re a musician you can bring an object, a dancer can bring an instrument…and for those who have and want some paper and pencils to draw eventually…

looking forward,

Sylvain 06 14 10 23 37

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