Games of interaction

Dancer Maaike v.d. Westeringh is preparing an exchange project between European and Ugandan dancers and musicians. She is working in a collective that was formed out of the first project in Uganda called ‘Nasibu’. Click here if you wanna know more about Nasibu. In preparation of this dance-music-project which will happen in 2014 she would like to investigate some simple  games. Together with you, dancers, musicians and other artists she wants to play with some clear rules which are influencing the relation, sound-movement-space. We will start with one rule, finally building a game with more complex rules which will bring us out of our comfort-zone. She is interested in creating a strong interdisciplinary world where everybody influences everybody, in an endless amount of possibilities and where everybody is leader and follower at the same time.
Would be lovely to have you there! Can you let me know if you wanna come, so I know more or less which animal there is and how many 🙂
We will work thursday the 13th and 20th of June from 13-15.30. Please be ready to go at 13u, because Maaike has to leave at 15.30 sharp.
For location-details click the link below.

4 thoughts on “Games of interaction

  1. Hi Maaike, I can come for sure this Thursday and bringing a friend Marloes van Houten. We’re both dance, and I’m also theater/some voice. Am planning to come the 20th as well but dealing with lots of stuff + injuries lately, so is it OK to play by ear? Sounds like lots of fun!

  2. NIce Suzan! Looking forward to have you there! If you know some musicians that like to improvise, they are also very welcome. We still have more movers then musicians and/or visual artists.
    Gr maaike

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