Postponing the end


What happens when we postpone “the ending” within an improvised composition?
What happens in that awkward spacious moment when we know the ending is near but we don’t allow it to be… nevertheless we allow something new to develop out of it…. How does the scene continue? Does the scene transform or break into a new chapter? How to deal with the moment of “how are we ever going to resolve into movement again?” How to deal with moments of timeless stillness and silence awaiting the new chapter? How does the audience observe this transition moment? Does it heighten or lower the tension on stage?

In this session we make sure to make a lot of “improvised pieces” together and becoming more aware of how “endings” live within a performed composition. We won’t spend a long time “preparing” to get into a flow. For the moment, we are focussing this research around dance/movement. We are looking forward to welcome dancers and physical performers who are familiar and comfortable in practicing and researching instant composition and who are able to bring in their own questions, suggestions and discoveries.

This research question has grown out of a shared session at Cloud The Hague. Ilse van Haastrecht invited Johnny Schoofs, Virag Dezsö and Weijke Koopmans to practice “making (improvised) pieces”. All four performers will be present during this session and guiding the process.

When: 2 October 2014, 13:00 – 17:00

Interested in joining? Let me know you’re attending this session.

More info: What are the Carpet Sessions? / Where is the studio?  (click here)

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