Picknick in the city

wpid-cam00263_edited_resized1.jpgThis Saturday, 15th of August, I am meeting with (at least) Johnny Schoofs, Maria Michailidou, Bettina Neuhaus, Virag Dezso, Anne Gentenaar and (tbc) Kenzo Kusuda to lie in the grass and talk informally about the experiences of last year, wishes for the coming season and how to build further on this open platform initiative.

We are gathering informally for a picknick and if you like, you are very much invited to join us!

It’s a potluck picknick (everyone brings food that he/she likes), I will bring drinks. Place is the lush Eastern Harbour part of Amsterdam.

Gathering point: playground Keesje Brijdeplantsoen (Ertskade), pinpointed here on GoogleMaps.

Time to meet: 16:30

As most of you know, the Carpet Sessions are an open invitation to improvisation professionals from the Dutch scene or from abroad to make use of the Amsterdam studio on Thursday afternoons and propose interdisciplinary research sessions. Any issue that deepens the understanding of improvisation performance and/or of working with several disciplines is welcome here. If you have an urge to research or would like to help expanding the open improvisation knowledge base, feel free to get in touch through our contact page or otherwise.

Here also the preview for the beginning of the Carpet season 2015/16:

10 September –  2nd edition of “Writing on Improvisation”

17+24 September  – “What is identity?” (in improvisation performance) – facilitated by Zwaan de Vries & Nadine Grinberg

For October, Esther Eij is preparing a row of sessions on the issue of group/solo in instant compositions.

Other things on the horizon are furthering our ‘How to write about Improvisation?’ quest through a collaborative session with Benedikte Esperi, visiting from Sweden, and a performative research (theme still to be decided) with Bettina Neuhaus.

More info will follow in due course…!




6 thoughts on “Picknick in the city

  1. ha thomas,

    i would love to come and talk, but i have a pop up restaurant in my house on sunday, so i am cooking away on saturday…. have a great picknick, hopefully some other time! give my love to all picnickers,


    Op 12 aug. 2015, om 09:32 heeft Interdisciplinary Instant Composition het volgende geschreven:

    > >

  2. I’m so happy that all this is going to happen. I am at the moment still in the inspiring surroundings of Malérargues with the Roy Hart Theatre and am feeding my creative soul. I’m going home on the 19th of august so I’ll miss you all picknicking together.
    I’ll think of you and hope to meet soon.

  3. For those who are coming and wondering about the weather conditions today: there is the option to have the Picknick inside, very close by at my place, if it will be wet. 🙂

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