Carpet season starting! – Overview for 2015/16

HereandNowfrontpageHello all!

While the first Carpet session of the season is on it’s way – have fun over there! –  I prepared this season’s start update for you.

  • Below, an overview of all the currently planned sessions.
  • There is a report on our recent Carpet picknick. You can read there what we discussed – about what we find important in being part of this initiative and about how to develop this open platform of professionals further this season. Follow this link to read more.
  • The costs sharing we do this year in two ways:
    • Carpet Session regulars and session leaders give 50,- for the whole season. Then you don’t have to donate for any session anymore, whether joining or leading.
    • ‘Guest’ to a session we ask to donate what they can, on a gliding scale between 5 and 10 Euro. The idea is that to cover all costs we make the year round, 10 euro is realistic to ask, but we do not want to create a barrier for those improvisers who want to check us out and wouldn’t join because of money. So for those on a small budget, any amount from 5 euro is fine!
      If you want to be a Carpet Session regular and give the 50 euro per season (or you simply want to be a supporter of this initiative, however often you will be able to attend), follow this link to read how it works.

Here now all planned sessions until now:

17+24 September – ‘Identity’
sessions with Zwaan de Vries and Nadine Grinberg

29 October, 12 & 19 November – “Grooves & Grounds” (worktitle) – An exploration into ‘groove’ as a focus for interdisciplinary improvisation, using voice, body, materials (with Bettina Neuhaus and Thomas Johannsen – more info soon)

As you know, any professional improviser is invited to bring his research to the Carpet Sessions and lead an afternoon (or more) of investigating their chosen issues. If you don’t know the sessions, it is of course best if you join a few times and in that way get in touch with us. But also don’t hesitate to write us a message.

3 thoughts on “Carpet season starting! – Overview for 2015/16

  1. Hi there, are there plans for a session on Nov 26th? (I couldn’t find a post about it.) I will visit Amsterdam that week to gig & record with my free jazz trio. We would be interested in participating on that date if possible. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kevin, nice that you get in touch! There is a closed session of a singer, an actress and a dancer on 26th (Zwaan, Esmeralda and Maria). Shall I notify them about your request? Maybe they like it so much that against their earlier intention they will open their research that afternoon up to you three 🙂

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