The speaking body and the speaking bubble

Inspired by a recent Action Theatre workshop Maria Michailidou and me joined with Sten Rudstrom, we wanted to dedicate a number of sessions on looking at the act of speaking/producing words in Improvisation context.

We will do this for the first time in a Carpet Session on the

10th of March 2016

13:00 (doors open/warming up) / 13:30-17:00 work session

Not only improv theatre has usually lots of ‘speaking bodies’ on stage, but also in music, dance and other performative events, someone speaking tends to appear ever so often. Sometimes prominent, sometimes only as a minor event.

We will look at both the enjoyment and pitfalls of speaking in improvisation performance and depart from a physical/body approach to the act of talking.

More so than maybe other Carpet Sessions, this will be a truly open research, as we just feel the necessity to train and research this aspect of improvisation from an interdisciplinary (rather than a purely theatrical) context more deeply.

The session is open to everyone and we are very curious towards all knowledge/experience to the subject that will be shared by other professionals who will join.

What are the Carpet Sessions? / Where is the studio

The session will be facilitated by Maria Michailidou and Thomas Johannsen, in collaboration with the group who will gather.

Please let us know if you want to come by writing a comment to this post, below.



10 thoughts on “The speaking body and the speaking bubble

  1. I think I can be there. Will confirm once I’m in vicinity of my agenda. 🙂 Co-incidentally I will be returning 4 days before that from first a weekend of using words to guide movement workshops at a weekend festival followed by a 5 day self-organized writing retreat/silent words. I am now curious how that might be transferred to the research session.

    1. hi Stick Shift,

      great that you want to come. You are very welcome. Can you write a little bit more about who you are (can’t recognise you by this screen name 🙂 ) and about your background, so we have an idea about the people who are joining?

      Thanks and see you in the session! Thomas

      1. Haha, yes it’s Julien!The WordPress account is from my first project, an urban intervention in Vancouver where I took four abandoned cars and planted 3-metre-tall fruit trees in their engine bays.

        I’m currently studying in the Sandberg Instituut’s Designing Democracy program, looking at the relationship between environmental factors and interpersonal dynamics / decision-making. Right now I’m investigating ‘balance’ and social dynamics.

    1. I may not make it after all… been travelling too much lately and can’t find the motivation to do it again today. Also went to bed at around 5:00 this a.m. Wah! I was looking forward to it so much! Well, I might just surprise myself but just don’t count on me. Have fun!

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