RESPONSIBILITY – the ability to respond

RESPONSIBILITY – the ability to respond

After “The speaking body and the speaking bubble”, the first Carpet session investigation into speaking, we continue to explore the challenges of improvisation with words on March 31, 2016 (doors open at 14h session begins 14:15 – 17h)

Improvisation is the art of being in the now, following the flow of what emerges and making choices as to how to respond and develop what is happening as it unfolds into what is becoming. This also naturally applies to improvised text, but for many of us it is a struggle to make words free, authentic, and poetic.

So as performers we often fear the weight of words. They can shut us down and kill the magic that’s unfolding. Talking seems to be a huge responsibility. That’s exactly what we want to explore! 

Responsibility is also the ability to respond – to move with, and be moved by, the waves our words create – like stones tossed into the still waters of a pond. Attentively listening, feeling, and following the drift our words set in motion.

During this session we will use interdisciplinary improvisational structures and exercises designed to evoke, trigger and play with words.

We will play with words like fish-hooks thrown out to catch meanings and images rising up from the depths of our imagination and memory. Words and silence. Movement and stillness. Things felt, experienced and remembered. Things envisioned and things recalled in the here and now, in the action of the moment. Poetry in motion.

Ron Bunzl and Ralph de Rijke

9 thoughts on “RESPONSIBILITY – the ability to respond

  1. Nice! Ralph just told me he will be later (14.15) – I can be there at 13h
    Is normal – doors open at 13 and session starts at 13.30?
    who will open the door?
    can I invite someone(s) to participate?
    cheers – Ron

    1. Hi Ron, session leaders can set their own times, so if you’d rather start together with Ralph, you can also hold a shorter session. Just announce the times clearly (by editing your blog post above).
      I believe Maria will be there to open the doors, I’ll connect you by email.
      And sure you can invite others – let them read about the idea of the Carpet Sessions, and the studio cost sharing, so they know about it. (a general text is under the Carpet Session Menu above under “Where? When? Why?”) 🙂

  2. I would like to be there too! Like Thomas I have a tight schedule on Thursday morning. But I’m really going to try to be there on time!
    Ron and Ralph: I’m a puppeteer performing with puppets and objects. In my plays the images and movements are important; text is hardly used. I certainly would like to explore the ability to respond in (images of) words.

  3. Thanks, Ron and Ralph and everyone else for this very gentle but essential exploration of words in performance this afternoon. Didn’t know that the form of the haiku was such a fine reference for defining content and the act of commenting. 🙂

    Looking very much forward for more!

    Unfortunately, after a look in my agenda, my next free Thursday afternoons are only from 26 May onwards… But do gather for this also earlier, if you find appropriate dates!

    Thanks again and bless!

  4. Very happy that the things I shared were stimulating…Some I’ve been carrying a long time because they continue to inspire, other’s were invented (in-vented = breathed in) in the moment as they emerged from what we were doing 😉 very much enjoyed working with such engaged fearless practitioners 😉

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