Calling all improvisers – Sandberg grad exhibiton session 18 June

Hello everyone,

My name is Julien, I’m a student at the Sandberg Instituut and a past participant of the Carpet Sessions. I am looking to invite you for an exploratory improv session during my grad exhibition on the afternoon of Saturday, June 18th.

I am currently concluding my research into movement as political expression. For my graduation work I’m constructing a round platform 480cm in diameter and 50cm high, with a curved and unstable underside. I aim to use the platform as a basis for generating alternative gestures, scenarios, and concepts, in an effort to enable latent forms of political expression to emerge.

I’ll be programming the installation with a panel discussion and (hopefully) a session with SNDO students, and I’d love to host a session with participants from the Interdisciplinary Instant Composition group.

I’m looking for 3-10 people to join me in exploring how the platform can enable new ways to improvise political expression. I can create a framework or meet with you beforehand to co-create, it’s up to us.

If you’re interested, please send an email to And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

In gratitude,

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