Sunday gathering while hibernating… 

Dear everyone,

due to all professionals of the Carpet Sessions being rather occupied with other work and projects at the moment, the regular sessions on Thursday are in hibernation mode.

However, we will meet tomorrow, Sunday November 13th, from 13:00 on Natanja’s boat around a table full of food to talk and eat together and hear how everyone is doing.

All improvisers, whether old or new to the Carpet Sessions initiative are very welcome to join this table. Just bring something that you really love eating which can be put in the middle for everyone to share. Natanja will make soup!  🙂

Sunday, 13 November 2016, 13:00-…

Place: boat “LOFRA”,  Levantkade 176, Amsterdam.  

On the ship, the door is an aluminium horizontal door on the front deck. No need to wander towards the back in the gangway. Just lift it and come in. There is no bell… Tel. Natanja if you are lost: 06 38062307

See you tomorrow!

One thought on “Sunday gathering while hibernating… 

  1. Ohhh I would love to come, but I can’t! Sending good thoughts instead. I’m actually struggling with everything that has happened in the elections in the U.S. (I htink everyone knows I’m a U.S. citizen?) and a lot of work and an absentee husband (in India and China for work), but making sure I immerse myself as much as possible in the practices that help to heal: art journaling, dancing/slow movement/reading & writing poems and thoughtful literature/spending time with my girls and pets, and getting outside as much as possible. I hope you all are well and thriving. XX Suzan

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