Archive Carpet Collective – sessions first half of 2011

The improvisation research sessions of this project started in March 2011. We’ve dipped our toes into 15 themes in the course of four months (one per afternoon session).

From September 2011 we changed strategy and are now working with one theme for a longer span of time, allowing time to explore each topic deeper: cycles of 2 or 3 sessions are the usual count. (take me to the current sessions/posts!)

Below the overview of the work that happened between March and June 2011. The links are taking you to a website that is only accesible to the people who have been in these sessions. Ask us, though, if you are interested to hear more about these topics.

–      Session 1 – “One thing”

–      Session 2 – seperation muscle

–      Session 3 – elephant

–      Session 4 – The Drone

–     Session 5 – “Everything is Connected”

–     Session 6 – Objects

–     Session 7 – It is not me who is dancing, it is my body

–     Session 8; explorations in liminal space

–     Session 9: Let’s dive

–     Session 10 – Let’s dive again!

–     session 11 dynamics and contrasts

–     Session 12 – improv theatre and text

–     Session 13 – video and space

–     Session 14 – Witness

–     Session 15 – perception

One thought on “Archive Carpet Collective – sessions first half of 2011


    Dear friends and colleagues,

    The last period of time I´ve been searching for opportunities to share and show my work to different groups of people on the places where they actually live or spend their time.
    Like as: zorgcentra/care centers, elderly houses, and community centers/buurthuizen.

    Questions I would like to explore: what” it is” to perform in relation to people instead of creating a relationship with them. How to initiate a dialogue through the body and the senses and being seduced by the ephemeral and unexpected. How to give up expectations that usually arise with performing. How to forget about performing while performing. How to practice openess within an unfamiliar context.

    If you are interested in exploring performing in this context and researching the questions that arise , there is an opportunity to do so in a Buurthuis on 14 December. I asked the coordinator whether they would be interested in a performance by diverse voices and bodies and they responded with enthousiasm.
    14th December is the date they proposed..Since almost everybody in Buurthuizen are working on a voluntary basis, there is little or no money involved. They offer us lunch.

    It is important to clarify that I’m taking the initiative but I”m not directing the project. Instead, I”m calling on you to build up something together. To join forces, ideas, inspirations, availability. The list is long….

    If you know fellow improvisers who might be interested as well, please, spread the word.

    I hope I hear from you soon,

    Warm greetings,

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