Everything is looking

photo: Alaina Abplanalp photography
photo: Alaina Abplanalp photography

Happy New Year!  😀

In the first research session of 2015, Kenzo Kusuda and Thomas Johannsen will take a closer look at the central matter of live performance: that you are involved in a moment with somebody else who is looking/listening. In fact, there is no reason to perform if it is not for someone – or something – that is looking. Especially this second notion, that ‘things’ just as people are looking at you, gives a twist to researching the audience-performer relationship that we are curious to follow on this afternoon.

15 January 2015, 13:00-17:00

If you are an experienced improviser (of any discipline), you are very welcome to join us. As we would like to know who is coming, please announce yourself by writing a comment to this post.

Let us know your discipline if we don’t know you, so we get an impression of the group that will gather. See you there!

More info: What are the Carpet Sessions? / Where is the studio?  (click here)