Session Nr. 3 “Duration/ time-span” moved to 2nd May

Hey everybody!

Due to some amazing concert opportunities that popped up I would like to move the third session about “Duration/time-span” to 2nd of May. I hope this is not of any inconvenience for anybody and maybe even more people would like to join…

So far the sessions have been very inspiring, fruitful, fun and raised a lot of questions but provided also some answers … I am very glad about all those smart observations and questions/remarks out of the group. It showed how much of an important thing this time, timing thing is and that it is very much related to our own perception, feeling, psychology…

So far we discovered “3 times”: the every day, the performance and the ‘magic’ one. That sound changes the perception of time, that silence can make it seem slower or the other way around, that repetition has a peculiar effect on us as performers, that movement is a sort of time indicator and that you can never see the threshold…

So: if you have time (nuhahaha) I hope to see you on the 2nd!

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All the best!


CC #18 – About senses, taste and memories


SESSIONS: About senses, taste and memories!

Dear Carpet collective! I am very excited to be able to be the session leader of the coming 3 sessions especially since I am new in the group and havn’t met many of you yet. I am very curious!

My initial idea was to make 3 sessions about movement and music in the broader sense, meaning how to translate movement in music and vica versa but since this is a subject that is very broad I decided to choose another subject that I am working on since a few month with a small collective called “Corpus Vivos” featuring three dancers and two musicians in the Mezrab Art Cage.

In this collective we try to use senses and memories that are provided by different kinds of foods and herbs and how this physical and sensorial experience can be brought into improvisation.

I hope you will find this interesting and I would like to ask you the following questions as a sort of preparation:

1- What is your memory of:

the best thing you have ever tasted

– the worst thing you have ever tasted

– the strangest thing you have ever tasted?

Note that for me taste is also an emotional state so your answers do not just have to be food/drink related. Please be generous in your answers (details and descriptions) since its the small details that can usually trigger the most (whatever that might be 🙂 )

It would be great if some of you could bring little samples of these memories in form of small snacks, tastes etc so that we can use these tastes and memories practically …

Please contact me for comments and questions and I am very much looking forward meeting you this thursday!!!


Kim- José