Why, Where, When, Who?

WHY these sessions?

To have a shared, regular practice space and interdisciplinary research garden for professional improvisers in Amsterdam… (click here to read more) – We are also building a shared, open source Improvisation Knowledge Base in which you are invited to contribute (click here if you are curious).


The Carpet Sessions take place in the dansstudio Vredenburgersteeg, 5 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station (Vredenburgersteeg 31-35).


On Thursdays, approximately between 13:00 and 17:00. Check with the current posts to see at which exact time the session starts/ends that you want to attend.


Any improviser with a professional practice in his/her improvising discipline is welcome to join the sessions. Just do announce that you are coming by writing a comment to the particular post that invites to a session. (Take me to the posts!) Also read carefully whether a session is totally open or semi-closed (for example only for people who came to previous sessions in the same research cycle).


The project is carried by the energy and attention of all involved professionals. We are not earning any money with our engagement in this knowledge sharing community.

As the studio space does cost real money (and we rent it for a whole season – September to June),
we ask you to donate 5-10 Euro per session that you join to contribute in the studio rent. You can choose freely what you contribute on this gliding scale.
(10 Euro is closer to the costs we actually make (rental & administration of the foundation), but any other amount above 5 is fine if that is what you feel you can give.)

Alternatively, you can also give 50 Euro once as a Carpet Session Backer, and you are then free to join all sessions in that season. For this you can receive a receipt from stichting Here & Now to use for your own administration/tax. More info about this: look on this page