This is a page to discuss practical tools that we can use in interdisciplinary improvisation performance to get an understanding how we use ‘focus’ as a performance skill.

What are the different approaches used in the various disciplines?

We mean focus in the sense of a way you can guide your attention as a performer, which both has an individual aspect and a group aspect.


An example of a concrete tool for individual improvisers is a theater-technique to define where you focus (as spheres of attention) lies in respect to yourself and your many-layered environment. Look here.

What are concrete ways to work with focus from the perspective of dance, music, fine art, martial arts, etc…?

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The most clear/magical moments in improvisation tend to happen when there emerges all of a sudden an understanding – which everybody shares – of where the focus of the piece is. What are techniques/tools to work on this in improvisation peformance, without excluding any discipline or possibility of any kind of material developing?

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