These pages are an open Knowledge Base for the interdisciplinary  perspective on Improvisation and Instant Composition

They are meant to grow like an open source dictionary, with contributors from the whole field of improvisers.

Use the PULL DOWN MENU above or look in the RIGHT-HAND COLUMN for the overview and links to the different sections that have already been created.

The idea is to try and define the basic concepts of improvisation which we can all agree on, whichever art discipline we are coming from. Can we create a vocabulary that is not linked to a specific discipline, and which can be used to talk about improvisation in any context?

The International Interdisciplinary Improvisation Festival (What IIIF?) had three editions until now, in 2017 (Amsterdam), 2018 (London) and 2019 (Gothenborg). It is intended as a real-world counterpart of this Knowledge Base; a place where improvisation practitioners meet with each other to address the – maybe impossible – question: “How can we document and reflect on improvisation practices in an interdisciplinary context?”

Next What IIIF? meeting is in May 2021 in Berlin (click here for more info)

Please contribute to this Knowledge Base if you feel you can add definitions/aspects from your own practice that have a value for interdisciplinary work. We can give you access to create new pages that link to existing ones. You can also contribute by simply writing a comment to the specific subject/page.

Do let yourself be heard if there is anything you read here that you cannot agree to. If that is the case, please provide us with an alternative text that includes your understanding of that aspect of improvisation. The idea is that we gather all relevant information on improvisation methods and concepts, and it is not a problem if it will contain various visions next to each other.

Also in terms of structuring this Knowledge Base, all feedback and comments are welcome.

You can contact us about anything via the contact page.

Have fun reading and contributing!


PS: At the moment, this Knowledge Base is hosted on the wordpress blog of the former Carpet Sessions. These were the improvisation research sessions that were happening regularly from 2012-2017 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and which have created the first incentive to build this beginning ‘wikipedia of interdisciplinary improvisation’. Look at this post to see an overview of the themes that have been covered in those sessions in recent years.

Until we have funds for better digital infrastructure, both and will redirect to this website url.


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  1. Greetings from European Intuitive Music Conference! We work on the same thing… meeting other improvisors sets a lot of energy free…

    Posted by Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen | May 8, 2019, 15:48
  2. … and Greetings from bibliographic research into improvisation…

    Posted by Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen | May 8, 2019, 16:27

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