Improvisation Issues

This part of the Knowledge Base is about all the issues that are at the heart of “Improvisation” and the ‘Instant’ aspect of Interdisciplinary Instant Composition practice.

What are relevant issues when creating pieces ad-hoc, on the spot? What are issues that are relevant/valid, whatever discipline you are improvising in?

Use the PULL DOWN MENU above or look in the RIGHT-HAND COLUMN for going deeper into this section and the different sub-sections that have already been created.

Please add more lemmas/chapters, if you think a crucial aspect is missing.

There is another part of the Knowledge Base that deals more specifically with Performance Issues – or in other words the ‘Composition’ aspect of Instant Composition. “Performance Issues” deals with aspects of improvisation performance that are also encountered when working without improvisation: How to approach issues of Space, Time, Audience, …etc. in an interdisciplinary context. Can we create a common vocabulary about these things, even if we come from different disciplines and backgrounds?

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