performance as another form of reality

Performance is in itself a reality and its basic ingredients are heightened awareness and attentiveness on what is going on in the external and internal environment of the performers.

Performance is a senses and imagination based reality that exists in real time. I would like to call it reality beyond the reality that is nevertheless rooted in reality. I could  also call it Meta-reality or Timeless reality or Communal reality or reality in Expectancy or even Elemental reality. 

How many realities do we inhabit when we are performing?

The reality of who we are or think we are, the reality of our beliefs, aesthetics, preferences, aspirations, of our background, the social and political context we live in plays a significant role in the construction of the reality within the improvisation performance. To what extent are we as improvisers willing to get detached from the realities we carry? And why should we do so? To what extent do our realities nurture or overload the reality within the improvisation performance?

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