Dear all,

The theme of the coming 2 sessions (1st and 8th December) will be: ARRIVING

We propose some ideas to work with such as:

Arriving in the body, in a place, a shape, a stillness, an image, a sound, a touch
Arriving with my whole being, body, thoughts, feelings, intention, focus and awareness.
Arriving here and now – in space and time
Time and timing of arriving
Arriving as a way of completion
What is happening in the travel of arriving? And what in the moment in which I have arrived?
Arriving as an end of an action and a beginning of a new one
I arrive before I go
Arriving as a moment of active stillness
Arriving in the composition / in the body of the piece
How arriving can be shared with the public

Looking forward to seeing you next Thursday,

Maria & Bettina

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