Summary last session on ARRIVING + Discussion

Dear all,

Here a very brief summary of our session last Thursday 1st December where we made a 1st beginning around the subject of “ARRIVING”.
We worked mainly with the element of “physical touch” to arrive in one’s own body or on the floor. This simple practice brought up a tremendous amount of sub-aspects such as e.g. the timing of arriving, different trajectories of arriving, inside – outside, the resonance of arriving, stillness, impact on space and time etc. which we noticed in our role as performers as well as audience.
Next Thursday 8th December we plan to continue with this practice and to focus on different ways how to “arrive in a composition”. Looking forward to seeing you then,

Maria & Bettina

At the end of our session on 1st December we had a brief moment of sharing around the topic of “leadership” and “organisation”. As we were a very small group we could just make a beginning, which we want to share with you.
Please see the listed thoughts as a beginning of discussion that needs to be complemented and refined.

1. For the quality of process and work it is helpful if not necessary that the person leading has joined the previous sessions (to know what had happened before) and/or is joining the group regularly.

2. Compared to the sessions before the summer the number of people coming to the Thursday sessions has clearly decreased. We were discussing the possible reasons for that. One might be that the day Thursday is working less for people. Conclusion: We should check again the availability of everybody.
Also, we found that the previous structure-overview of individual attendance we had last year on the carpet blog was very useful. Now the leaders never know in advance who will come, which led even to situations that there was only person. We suggest putting again an overview of attention on the blog. Thomas, is this possible?

3. In case the leader is absent, we suggest that the present people of the group can still use the studio – working on the topic of Instant Composition.

4. The space is reserved for the meetings of the Instant Composition group.

5. The original idea to strive for attending the entire set/series of sessions led by 1 leader turned out to be unrealistic for many of us. We thought there is the need to open it up: People, who don’t manage to join three sessions of the same leader, should be able to attend any session they are able to. => More flexibility is needed under the actual circumstances.

6. Concerning the content of the leadership: in the sessions from September on it seemed that the leaders choose the content of their leadership from their own individual interests or own artistic/creative investigation.
We need to clarify whether we want to continue towards this direction or whether the work and the group need something different. Here we get back to the question: what lies at the core of our shared work in this collective?

If you cannot come next Thursday but you have any thoughts to add to this discussion – please put them on the blog!

Maria & Bettina

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