Two new research cycles

Dear improvisers/researchers,

after a little break, there are two new research cycles on the roll, that you are invited to join:

Leon Beckx will explore ways of using the 5Rythms practise for interdisciplinary instant composition work.

Maaike van de Westeringh will follow up by doing similar research with the background she has in ‘Passing Through’.

Leon already posted about his sessions (see below).

Please announce whether you will be joining a session or research cycle by leaving a comment to the respective posts. Also questions can be asked that way.

Overview of the coming Thursdays and their session leaders:

26 april   Leon
3 mei       Leon
10 mei     Leon
17 mei     –
24 mei     Maaike
31 mei     Maaike
7 juni      –
14 juni    Maaike

If you are interested to lead a session with your own research, just let yourself be heard.

2 thoughts on “Two new research cycles

  1. he leon,
    ik baal hee erg, maar mijn kindje is vannacht weer ziek geworden. Ik moet thuis blijven vandaag…
    volgende week hoop ik weer vol mee te kunnen doen.
    veel plezier vandaag en ik ben benieuwd naar jullie bevindingen van deze week. grt Tineke

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