CC #24 Pathways in sound and movement

Dear improviser,

Starting this thursday: 3 new sessions called ‘Pathways in sound and movement’.

Tow years a go I studied with David Zambrano focussing on his groupimprov-technique called ‘passing through’. In ‘passing through’ we recognize figures from nature, such as a group of starlings flying in the air. They create organic formations and dynamics composed of many individual birds, becoming one large body with its own pathway.

During those sessions I want to focus on how we translate the basic principles of this technique so we can apply them easily to other disciplines, such as music, theater and visual art. Any discipline is welcome!!! I will start with teaching some principles and after we use the principles more freely in small instant compositions.

            We will focus on the following elements: spirals, pathways in space, leading & following, cohesion & expansion, phrasing, looping, opening up the senses, our consciousness of each other and of space, guiding energy, imagination and ensemble work.

Please let me know when you would like to join and which discipline you practice, so I know for how many and which kind of ‘animals’ I prepare. If you can only join part of the session (the musical animals are pretty busy I know), please contact me and we see if this is any problem. Hope to see you!!!!

Greetings Maaike van de Westeringh

4 thoughts on “CC #24 Pathways in sound and movement

  1. Dear Maaike,
    I am quite new tothis forum. Am a theatre maker and would like to attend 2nd and 3rd session. Where and when is this?

    1. Dear Margo,

      Nice you wanna join! I thought all this info was on the blog, but sometimes it is a bit of a search. We will work from 13-17u, dates are in the announcement and it is in Studio Vredenburgh. close to Nieuwmarkt. We contribute 5 euro per session for the studiocosts. Below you find more information.

      Let me know when you wanna come,

      Greetings Maaike

      1. Hi Maaike,

        Seems a nice project to embark on. I enjoy voice improvisation and sing jazzy songs from the heart though I am not a professional. Inspiration comes (among others) from Bobby Mc Ferrin and Rhiannnon. Have special interest in African music and dance. Remained in East-Africa for a couple of years to do research (anthropology) among traditional healers who also use chanting. Would like to join you but 1e session not before 14.00 hours. If that is a problem I can come only the 2nd and 3rd time.

      2. Dear Jessica,
        Thanks for you reply 🙂
        I think something went wrong….It is not the session ‘pathways’ that Im doing now but the ‘Games in Interaction’. There are only 2 sessions. 13th and 20th of June. Which one would you like to come to?
        Gr Maaike

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