Let’s have breakfast!

To round up the Carpet season and talk about next year, let’s have a breakfast at my place coming week. (if the weather is fine, it can be on the roof terrace, like last year’s Carpet Collective dinner 🙂 )

Friday, June 22nd – at 9:30

Bring your favourite fruit juice, cheese, jam or piece of bakery to put on the breakfast table.
I have fresh-ground coffee in house for fantastic latte’s and cappucino’s.

looking forward to seeing everybody,


PS: If you cannot come, do let us know in a different way what your wishes/interests are for next year. Whether you would like this research to continue, and which way works for you best.

2 thoughts on “Let’s have breakfast!

  1. Hi Thomas.

    What a nice tradition to end the year with a dinner.
    unfortunately I will not be able to attend as I will be in Israel.

    As for next year, although i were not there for many session if the carpet collective will continue I will be happy to come when available.

    Keep on dancing and spread the dance, Tom

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