Duration and Time in Improvisation

Hello there!

On 21st of March,  we start a new cycle of three sessions titled DURATION/TIME-SPAN

21-03 / 04-04 / 11-04  — 13:00-17:00

We would like to look at the passing of time in improvisation performance. A common issue in performance is the difference in perception of time between performers on the one hand and audience members on the other hand. Performers can think that something already took too long, while the audience is still totally happy – and vice versa. How to deal with that common discrepancy?

Is there a way to perceive time together with the audience? Is there a way to “create time”, to slow it down or even open up a space of no-time? And how is time affected by the fiction or perception of different disciplines on stage?

We are interested to look at this from two – almost opposing – angles: the angle of music and the angle of theater. That having said, we are happy to work with improvisation professionals from any discipline.

What are the Carpet Sessions? / Where is the studio?  (click here)

Session leaders are:
Kim-Jose Bode (music/music-theatre)
Thomas Johannsen (theatre/dance/music)

Please let us know if you would like to be involved. We will look at the composition of the group to have nice mix for focussed work. Our preference is that you can join all three sessions.

Looking forward!

José + Thomas

7 thoughts on “Duration and Time in Improvisation

  1. Hi Thomas!

    After a busy period i am here again. I would like to participate in the next sessions. Keep me informed! Looking forward! Greetings: Virag PS: Do you come to see the performance in the Muiderpoort on Saturday?

  2. Hi Thomas and Kim,
    I’m finally back in Amsterdam – even though for only 10 days. I would be glad to join your session upcoming Thursday and to dive with you into the subject of Time & Duration and to reconnect after so many months. Unfortuantely I can attend only this session. I hope this is ok.
    Looking forward!


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