Duration/Time Session Nr. 2

Tomorrow the second session on the surprisingly visceral subject of Duration/Time in Improvisation Performance. (Look here for the original post)

Anybody is welcome to join (the theme is much more approachable than we thought) – just let us know by commenting on this post if you would like to participate.

studio open at 13:00 / session time: 13:30-17:00

What are the Carpet Sessions? / Where is the studio?  (click here)

To report from the first session:

One thing we discovered were the different modes of experiencing/working with time as an improvisation performer:

– Using the feel of ‘daily’ time (waiting-room time, one thing after the other, no performance mode)

– Creating time and duration in ‘performance mode’ (the power of drawing attention with your actions and create a sense of duration/tension – expectation, suspense, conclusion, playing with timing

– Falling into timeless moments (something that you cannot create at will, but which happens seemingly ‘out of nothing’ – it is however possible to make the appearance of these moment more likely)

We also looked at the seductive quality of repetition (and the challenges to a performer to work repetitions ‘well’).

Tomorrow, we will continue where we left off.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Thomas + José


2 thoughts on “Duration/Time Session Nr. 2

  1. Dear people,

    I really enjoyed our work two weeks ago. Tomorrow my son has a free day and he is at home.Sooo, I cannot come.
    Thomas asked us to propose what we would like to work on this week. I would be interested to explore if I was able to come how the audiences perceive the time and the duration in relation to the performers.Sometimes I,as a performer, have the feeling that something lasts long or it is short and the spectators not.To mention something simple.

    enjoy tomorrow,

  2. very inspiring to read your 1st session’s notes. I would have loved to join, but unfortunately I am out of town for some time…

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