Next season studio rent?

Dear improvisation researchers,

the season is coming to a close with the summer-break in July and August, and as every year I will have to decide whether to rent the studio (on Thursday afternoons) for another whole season.

This year I feel I definetly need your help in the decision, so please read on.

The arguments for and against are mainly:

+ It is great to have such a pleasant. low-priced studio in the middle of Amsterdam and the weekly slot of available studio time is a good incentive to organise sessions (no extra work to set something up).

– As there are also a lot of Thursdays that we are not using the studio, I am losing money on it. One could argue that our project/this website does not necessarily need a fixed, weekly studio and we could organise things in another way.

I personally still believe that it is a great good to have the studio and therefore have a ‘home’: For the pleasurable feeling of returning (to the work and to the company of great people 🙂 ), and also because the available time every week ‘asks’ to be used and therefore things are more likely to happen.

What I imagine would help is if there would be more people who would shoulder with me the financial risk of the studio being (not) used – or who would be interested to use the studio on days that it is not used for Carpet sessions.

So my concrete question is this:
Would you be willing to become part of a circle of Carpet Session supporters, so that the financial pressure is taken a little bit off me for the coming season?

It would mean something between 5 and 10 euro a month to share the basic costs (depending on how big this circle is), and it would give you free acces to a very nice studio whenever it is not being used.  Next to this, the per-session-contribution for joining Carpet Sessions would fall away for you.

We can, inside this supporters-circle, decide together how to exactly divide the money and use the income from Carpet-Sessions, etc…

Please let me know if you would be up for this (you can also write me an e-mail if you prefer, or use the Contact page)

Any other comments, encouragements or wise words concerning this question are also very welcome.

Looking forward to hearing from you,




One thought on “Next season studio rent?

  1. Dear Thomas,

    Thanks for the message. And also thank you for organizing these sessions last years. It gave me lots of fun and inspiration. I think I personally will not use the studio so much on other thursdays. If Im not able to come to one of the sessions or organize one myself it mostly means I need to work/rehearse on those days. And this usually is in Dansmakers or Muzenis because they support the project. When I rehearse apart from that it is on unpredictable dates and also unpredictable places/cities.

    In that case maybe it is worth trying one year without a fixed studio and arranging the studio on the day itself?

    I will try to come this wednesday to the choir and also bring the key and then we can talk about it.

    Warm greetings Maaike

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