Knowledge Base updates

Hi everybody,

summer break is here after an eventful year of sessions, and I thought this might be a good time to update the improvisation Knowledge Base here on the website.

I will add soon articles about Duration/Time-Span and about Conducting, which I didn’t come round to reflect on during the season.

If you’ve been leading sessions, please consider to spend an afternoon contributing something about your subject (also if you participated, by the way, you are very welcome  🙂  )

And also for those of you who follow us from far around the globe, please have a read through the Knowledge Base (via the menu) and let me know if you have things to say, correct, add.

Looking forward to more research, reflection and knowledge building together with you in the next season.

Have a great summer,


One thought on “Knowledge Base updates

  1. Hey Thomas,Wonderfull to read your updates, the way you articulate ‘the work’ and invite creativity and curiousity! I wish you a warm and inspiring Summer, Jasper

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