Practical announcement, new season

Hi everybody,

after the question of the studio hire that I posted at the beginning of this summer, I had talks with a number of Carpet session people and it seems that those who are willing to share the costs of the Thursday afternoon studio are too few in number (even if it would only mean 5 euro a month and would give those people free access to the studio).

Nothing to do about it. So let us see how everything will work without a fixed studio.

If you think – “WAIT! – You didn’t ask me! I think we should keep it, and by the way I could very well make use of a cheap studio in the centre of Amsterdam”, let me know veeery quickly.  🙂

As for now, the Interdisciplinary Improvisation Research will continue this season in a more flexible way. The up-side is: there could be Carpet Sessions any place in town, including those better equipped to work with light for example. I will also look into the possibility of hiring a 4 hour slot once a month, so we keep a connection with this charming spot that we have been working in for 2 1/2 years now.

Let’s see what this season will bring.

Former sessions leaders: If you would like to continue your research theme with new sessions, or even dig into something new, just let me know.

Anyone else: If you are a professional improviser who would like to propose a research topic, lead a session or expand our Knowledge Base, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I am very happy to keep facilitating in any way I can.

Looking forward to the growing content and insights we will be gathering!

all the best, Thomas

PS: Because of the nature of the contract, we will have the Thursday afternoon studio for another two months, anyway.  So for the period until beginning of November, sessions can be planned in the familiar way.

5 thoughts on “Practical announcement, new season

  1. Hi! I am interested in sharing the costs, how often is it free? Sorry for only reacting now, spring was really busy. I guess I missed your first announcement.

  2. Hi Thomas, and everybody!

    I am back. I was out of Amsterdam – also Holland – for a longer while. As i wrote before, i am in in the sharing option – i don’t know if you did count on me Thomas or not – . I didn’t get exactly: is it an “or” “or” situation considering studio rent?

    Looking forward – Greetings: Virg

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