Meet the friends!

Dear carpeteers,

Come and meet our friends Jeroen, Lavina, Emma, Ralph and Jip!

De Witte Olifant is a visual & performing arts school for adults with learning disabilities. On wednesdays we (actor/clown Efrem Stein and dancer/vocalist Kristien Sonnevijlle = performance collective Sansville & Stein) train a group of 10 artists in theatre, dance, voice, mask work & more. Working with this group demands the same fine listening and a readiness to accept & play with whatever happens as the art of instant composing does. Something that might be different is that we are also listening to what is needed for each of the artists to be comfortable and open enough to play in performance, this is what often shapes the frames for improvisation. The artists carry many surprises, sudden opening up, sharing a whole new colour and sudden disappearance, changing by the day. When there is a good connection, they might take you to many unknown places, shameless, fearless and with a lot of joy and care.

During the 2 sessions we would like to work with the tension between:

Leading – Following
Repetition – Release of new material
Silent – Loud
Group – solo/duet

A chance for them to escape the carefully framed world they live in and meet you. A chance for you to meet them and be inspired by their otherwise hidden talent. Mutual inspiration, not ‘taking care of’ or ‘helping them to become better performers’. We will take care of them, if needed.

Do you want to come and meet our friends?

17th of april
1st of may


Who can join?
Anyone, any discipline, preferably on both days.
Only joining the 2nd session is not possible.
Let us know your interest by writing a comment on this post.

More info on the carpet sessions: Why, Where, When, Who?


An invitation to come and meet our friends at the place we work in Almere. A chance to work in their environment & see the visual art made by our friends. You are welcome to join us on the following wednesdays: 9, 16, 23, 30 april. We work from 10-12 and 14-15.30. You can join both morning and afternoon or part of the day, the mornings are training, the afternoon improvisations.

Let us know by sending an email to (kristien)

We = Sansville & Stein, physical actor/clown Efrem Stein and dancer/vocalist Kristien Sonnevijlle. A performance collective in which instant composition is an important aspect, as well as collaborations with other disciplines and artists.


4 thoughts on “Meet the friends!

  1. Dear friends, we decided to postpone the session, probably to september as we are busy rehearsing & performing until then… Hopefully next time, when we will let you know more in advance, a nice bunch of performers will show up. Till that time you are all most welcome to come and have a taste of the work in Almere on wednesdays, or come and enjoy the performance on Vuurol, 8, 9 june in Laage Vuursche. With love, kristien & Efrem

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