Meet the friends!

Dear carpeteers,

Come and meet our friends Jeroen, Lavina, Emma, Ralph and Jip!

De Witte Olifant is a visual & performing arts school for adults with learning disabilities. On wednesdays we (actor/clown Efrem Stein and dancer/vocalist Kristien Sonnevijlle = performance collective Sansville & Stein) train a group of 10 artists in theatre, dance, voice, mask work & more. Working with this group demands the same fine listening and a readiness to accept & play with whatever happens as the art of instant composing does. Something that might be different is that we are also listening to what is needed for each of the artists to be comfortable and open enough to play in performance, this is what often shapes the frames for improvisation. The artists carry many surprises, sudden opening up, sharing a whole new colour and sudden disappearance, changing by the day. When there is a good connection, they might take you to many unknown places, shameless, fearless and with a lot of joy and care.

During the 2 sessions we would like to work with the tension between:

Leading – Following
Repetition – Release of new material
Silent – Loud
Group – solo/duet

A chance for them to escape the carefully framed world they live in and meet you. A chance for you to meet them and be inspired by their otherwise hidden talent. Mutual inspiration, not ‘taking care of’ or ‘helping them to become better performers’. We will take care of them, if needed.

Do you want to come and meet our friends?

17th of april
1st of may


Who can join?
Anyone, any discipline, preferably on both days.
Only joining the 2nd session is not possible.
Let us know your interest by writing a comment on this post.

More info on the carpet sessions: Why, Where, When, Who?


An invitation to come and meet our friends at the place we work in Almere. A chance to work in their environment & see the visual art made by our friends. You are welcome to join us on the following wednesdays: 9, 16, 23, 30 april. We work from 10-12 and 14-15.30. You can join both morning and afternoon or part of the day, the mornings are training, the afternoon improvisations.

Let us know by sending an email to (kristien)

We = Sansville & Stein, physical actor/clown Efrem Stein and dancer/vocalist Kristien Sonnevijlle. A performance collective in which instant composition is an important aspect, as well as collaborations with other disciplines and artists.


What’s whispering starting tomorrow!

Hiya carpeteers,

Just a reminder that this winter’s first sessions are starting tomorrow, on listening as a starting point for improvising, how to stay available while listening and not doing, what exactly are you listening to?  Etc etc etc. With some practices from my butoh and meditation journey in India the last 2 years. More info is in the first post ‘What’s whispering’. I hope to see you there, has been a while ago and would love to see some familiar faces, do write a comment to let me know if you’re ‘in’. Thanks! 

What’s whispering?

Dear carpeteers,


After a long time of studying butoh dance, vocal improvisation and meditation in India I am back in Holland and ready to share and investigate further over here…


In december I would like to explore Interdisciplinary Instant Composition through the theme of listening. Of course, we always do when performing on stage as improvisers. And there is so much to listen to.


I am curious if we can listen on a deeper level. By cutting through the loud & obvious hearing the more subtle and probably less known. By hearing the loud and choosing not to (re-) act upon it, letting it ‘borrelen’ inside until it transforms itself.


What is needed – what can we do or not do – to be able to hear the more subtle?


And how can we make the more subtle we listen to be heard by others?


Some key words:

– slowing down

– meditative states

– being moved

– silence


What are the Carpet Sessions? / Where is the studio?  (click here)


Sessions are 5, 12 and 19th of december from 13.00-17.00


Session leader is Kristien Sonnevijlle (dance/voice)


Let me know in advance if and when you can join, so that I can see how to handle group size and different disciplines. Preference goes to researchers who can do all three Thurdays. Any discipline welcome, of course. Looking forward to play with you all again…




CC #20 – TOUCH

Dear all,

On Thursday 21st of december  I (Kristien) will guide the session, which will be a further development of the theme Arriving, in which we already explored touch as a way of arriving in space and in the composition. As we were working on it, several questions arised. Will send another text next week, for now a few questions as possible starting points:

– ‘Physical touch as an action is nice, but what do I with the sensation?’

– ‘Can I physically touch someone with my voice?’

– ‘How to touch the residu of a dance, or something else that is not physically there anymore?’

– ‘In sensing a touch, can I hold my awareness in space?’

My interest in this theme comes from dancing contact improvisation and trying to marry this with instant composition, with less and more fortunate results.

Please let me know of you can and want to be there. Thank you!


and whoever is interested, in Celebration, an exposition with performances by mentally challenged people, we work with instant composition in movement and voice. Quite a special practice with people who are said to need a lot of structure. Not saying instant composition equals no structure, but it is a lot more open than having a volunteer push you on stage and whisper your text which often seems the case in performances with this group of people… This thursday 15, friday 16, and saterday 17 december we are open!  Welcome!