CC #20 – TOUCH

Dear all,

On Thursday 21st of december  I (Kristien) will guide the session, which will be a further development of the theme Arriving, in which we already explored touch as a way of arriving in space and in the composition. As we were working on it, several questions arised. Will send another text next week, for now a few questions as possible starting points:

– ‘Physical touch as an action is nice, but what do I with the sensation?’

– ‘Can I physically touch someone with my voice?’

– ‘How to touch the residu of a dance, or something else that is not physically there anymore?’

– ‘In sensing a touch, can I hold my awareness in space?’

My interest in this theme comes from dancing contact improvisation and trying to marry this with instant composition, with less and more fortunate results.

Please let me know of you can and want to be there. Thank you!


and whoever is interested, in Celebration, an exposition with performances by mentally challenged people, we work with instant composition in movement and voice. Quite a special practice with people who are said to need a lot of structure. Not saying instant composition equals no structure, but it is a lot more open than having a volunteer push you on stage and whisper your text which often seems the case in performances with this group of people… This thursday 15, friday 16, and saterday 17 december we are open!  Welcome!

6 thoughts on “CC #20 – TOUCH

  1. Hi Kristien,
    I would have loved to come this Thursday to your session about ‘touch’ – (also because it would have been for the present my last opportunity to join the group as next year I’ll be all January till 14 February in London).
    But the AHK changed my schedule and I have to teach.

    Wishing you and everybody an inspiring afternoon.

    Looking forward to seeing you and the group again in February 2012!



  2. I will be there – maybe 15 min late but I ll do my best to come on time

    see you then!

  3. I will be there!!
    see you thursday.
    ps I have the key.. I am at Thomas before the session, you can either get the key there before you go or we come early (13:00?)

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