January 2012 preview

After december has been a month of exploring the interdisciplinary from a dance/physical perspective, january will be a month with musical concepts that approach our mix of disciplines:

5 January 2012  –  CC #21  –  Reworking Polyphony

Monique will come back to present and work with us a further development of the work concepts she started in autumn this year with the cycle of Polyphony sessions.

12 / 19 / 26 January 2012  –  CC #22  –  Interlocking

Marije will do a cycle of three sessions based on a musical principle found a.o. in Ketjak music.

Both Marije and Monique will post soon more details about the work they are planning. Please comment on their posts if you are planning to join their sessions, so they know who to expect.

For everyone: It is time again to put some money in the pot for the ongoing hire of the studio: Please bring 20,- Euro next time you come (for any number of sessions in these 3 months).

For those who are not there tomorrow at Kristien’s session:  Have a great Christmas and New Year!


One thought on “January 2012 preview

  1. Dear all, have some good days….
    i will step in again on the 19th of januari…
    see you then. looking forwards to see you all, xtineke

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