CC #21 – Reworking Polyphony

This one off session will be a chance to work again on the processes which we developed in the series of Polyphony in Autumn 2011.

In this method we work from a directed approach to group voices…..working for understanding how we give our voice to a group sound.  The work was building on the existence of the drone as a basis for the movement of sound and voices. The Drone mimics the collective carpet which we hold common.

Once we have worked within the sounding circle we take this listening with us as we move into a wider physical sphere i.e opening the space for all disciplines.  We work to maintain the deep level of listening which we developed in the sound circle based on the subtles of giving sound or silence, of supporting or proposing, and of understanding where the focus of the group lies, as well as maintaining common responsibility from beginning to end.

In this session I aim to rework some of these principles giving the collective chance to see how the time between has given opportunity to develop deeper understanding which can apply across the sessions.

And also I will take the opportunity to show the results of an intensive period of working in a new project called the 6 Songs – which developed from this concept of group voices as access to instant composition – with a small group of the members of the collective.

This project – The 6 Songs – will be taking residency at the Maartin Luther Kerk Amsterdam Zuid from January 2012, and we also seek some new members, so this session is an opportunity for new and old members of the collective to re-work the method seeing whether it would be beneficial to involve in a professional performance development.

Looking forwards to seeing all again, at the beginning of a year which promises many changes!

Please contact me with further questions before Thursday and also drop a comment below/mail/sms regard your attending.

With Love


6 thoughts on “CC #21 – Reworking Polyphony

  1. DearAll! I wish everybody a year with full of inspiration and sharing wonderful things in life!
    I can not follow the sessions in January, i am available from the last Thursday (26). – still it is complicated, means i never know in advance if i am available on the coming Thursday or not. It happened till now like that and unfortunately my schedule did not change, – so i will know my option only in the last minute!
    Have nice sessions and see you soon!

  2. I m really sorry, I won’t be able to make it in the end, way too hectic schedule… Apologies.


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