CC #22 – Interlocking

Kecak – interlocking voices, bodies, minds

In a series of three afternoons I will present the theme of Interlocking Voices (Bodies/Spaces/Etc’s) through practise of the Balinese kecak. Kecak is a complex system of vocal percussion and singing, dance, and storytelling, with its roots in ancient ritual and it’s present in a thriving, passionate and unique music / artform. Kecak usually retells a scene of the Hindu epic Ramayana, in which Rama and monkey king Hanuman rescue Sita, who was abducted.

This is a vocal percussion system where one specific simple rhythm is sung by many voices, each starting on a different beat. The result is a swirling texture of interlocking rhythms, it almost feels like a beehive, or very active drone!

As kecak itself is very interdisciplinary and open, making it an interesting startingpoint for improvisation, using circle forms and polyphony to group movement, translating (the idea) of interlocking rhythms into other disciplines.

Every session will start with a kecack practise, to get comfortable with basic kecak forms. Then we’ll start to bring our own disciplines and styles into the kecak, and finally introducing kecak and its principles into our own work. There are definate links with previous sessions, like polyphony.
I hope to see you then,

9 thoughts on “CC #22 – Interlocking

  1. Nice! I’ll be there Thursday the 12th, but not the next 2 sessions, as I am in Holland the last 2 weeks of January.

  2. Hoi Marije I’ll be in thursday and try be there all three times. It’ll be my first meeting with the Carpet Collective.
    greetings Moira

  3. Hi Marije,

    Thomas invited me to join in with the voice for the Kecak sessions. Tomorrow I hope I can make it, since I already have an appointment (hope to be there before 13.30).
    The other 2 times I can come.
    See you then!

  4. Hello
    I will join today and do my best to be there on time (i might be 15 min late)
    Looking forward to

    1. Dear Cecak people, i am very sorry to not be there today, and tell you so late but i am sick with hot and colds so have to stay in my bed.
      I hope i can still jump-in next thursday, let me know.
      groetjes Moira

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