Instant Composition Conducting

On 18th of October 2012, we’ll do a session about instant composition conducting in interdisciplinary context.

My experience with the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra will serve as background to look at the implications of having one focal point through which the improvisers (of any discipline) engage with the material at hand: the conductor.

For working with large ensembles in musical textures I founded the term ‘instant composition conducting’ and developed a method which was invented mid of the 80ies by Butch D. Morris in the US. Meanwhile this work brought me together with some of the improvising european orchestras. We were working for concerts and festivals in Spain, Liechtenstein, Japan, Germany, and most recently in Sicily. Please find some video-links futher down.

This time the session will be connected to a performance in Maarten Luther Kerk, Amsterdam on Wednesday, 24th of Oktober.

I would like to work with any improvisation professional who is ready to engage in this process (light/video/dance/music/words) and who is available both 18 and 24 October.

This session/project will be semi-open, meaning: please react before 4 October whether you would like to join. Then, we will fix the group for the research session and performance.

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regards from Vienna,

Michael Fischer

2012 instant composition conducting for the RARA festival, Sicily

2011 VIO with choir

2007 VIO with poets Magdalena Knapp-Menzel and Gerhard Jaschke