Instant Composition Conducting

On 18th of October 2012, we’ll do a session about instant composition conducting in interdisciplinary context.

My experience with the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra will serve as background to look at the implications of having one focal point through which the improvisers (of any discipline) engage with the material at hand: the conductor.

For working with large ensembles in musical textures I founded the term ‘instant composition conducting’ and developed a method which was invented mid of the 80ies by Butch D. Morris in the US. Meanwhile this work brought me together with some of the improvising european orchestras. We were working for concerts and festivals in Spain, Liechtenstein, Japan, Germany, and most recently in Sicily. Please find some video-links futher down.

This time the session will be connected to a performance in Maarten Luther Kerk, Amsterdam on Wednesday, 24th of Oktober.

I would like to work with any improvisation professional who is ready to engage in this process (light/video/dance/music/words) and who is available both 18 and 24 October.

This session/project will be semi-open, meaning: please react before 4 October whether you would like to join. Then, we will fix the group for the research session and performance.

What are the Carpet Sessions? / Where is the studio?  (click here)

regards from Vienna,

Michael Fischer

2012 instant composition conducting for the RARA festival, Sicily

2011 VIO with choir

2007 VIO with poets Magdalena Knapp-Menzel and Gerhard Jaschke


31 thoughts on “Instant Composition Conducting

  1. Hey Michael, Great idea, I love to join! Do you have enough people already? Tell me because otherwise I can forward it to some who may be interested.
    Greetings Maaike

  2. Hi Michael, I would like to participate on these two days! I’m a double bass player and besides many other things I like improvisation a lot (actually been playing with Gianni Gebbia and Jacek Kochan, who were in the Sicilian RARA orchestra). So, I look forward to work with you. Ciao! Marko Bonarius

  3. Sounds great, I would like to join but ill only be here on the 18th, 24th ill be in finland. So unless I can join 1 day, I hope for new opportunities in the future.

  4. hi michael, Bernt Nellen (dr) hier. Coole sache, ich mach auch mit! Wir haben vor 1-2 Jahren mal zusammen gejammt mit Peter Huber, du erinnerst dich vielleicht… im alten haus von Peter im westhavenweg. ich frage Peter auch ob er hier mitspielen will.

    bis bald,


  5. Dear Sandrina, Bernt, M., Tom,

    24th should be a warm-up and stage setting somewhere in the afternoon, performance starts around 8 or so I guess.
    Sandrina, if it is not possible for you joining 24th, maybe you know sombody who could take your part if you can make only the 18th, ok. Which kind of performance do you do?
    Bernt: nice, of course I remember, Marcos Baggiani will play drums also, so two drummers wonderful
    Tom: both, great.

    I guess we can expand the period from 4th till next Thursday 11th, so if you would like to spread the word… it’s a nice group allready anyway. Looking forward to meet you there!
    best for now,

  6. Hey Michael. I am Jeen, I am a guitarplayer, I worked with Maaike, Bernt and Marko before and I’d love to join. The only thing is that I might have to leave eralier on the 18th.. tjau, Jeen

  7. hello Michel,
    sorry for my late answer, but is it still possible to join? thursday 18 is no problem, but wednesday 24 is unsure whether i make it……(what is the time-schedule? I have to find a replacer to give my classes)…what do you think?
    I also underdstand a NO…..
    greetings, Tineke

    1. Hello Tineke,
      it’s ok to join the 18th, for the time schedule please contact Thomas Johannson. On 24th rehearcal starts 18:15, concert start appr. 21:00.
      Please let me know your instrument and let me know when you know if you can make 24th or not.
      best regards,

  8. Hi Michael,

    there are 10 singers of the Genetic Choir joining as well, for both sessions and concert!

    It will be busy – the space for the session is not extremely big… Shall we call or e-mail soon to talk things through?

    looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam, soon!


  9. Dear people,
    for this event I would ask you to send two infos which are very important for me:
    1) which instrument or dance will you bring in
    2) please confirm or cancel the 24th definitely til as soon as you can, the sooner the better, as I have to arrange the group also with performers from outside

  10. Hi Michael (and Thomas)
    I’m José Gomes: recorders (+ many unspecified wind instruments) and Bass Dulcian (aka Renaissance Bassoon).
    First sorry for the late reply, I wonder if I’m still on time to join? I got the info about these sessions/project just now, via Marcos Baggiani with whom I’m playing in RIO (Royal Improvisers Orchestra) in A’dam.
    I’d like to know, if possible, about the schedule on the 18th. On 24th I’m completely free but on the 18th it might depend on the exact schedule of the session. Please let me know?
    Would love to join, hope to hear from you.
    Best greetings

  11. hi José, everybody,

    Schedule for 18th: 13:00-17:00 – – – see address and more info above in the pull-down menu “Carpet Sessions” under “Why, Where, When, Who?” – What are the Carpet Sessions?

    Schedule for 24th: 17:00 build up instruments, 17:30 start reheaersal! Evening performance starts at 20:15 with another set, at 21:00 we play.

    1. Hi Thomas
      Thxs for the info. Everything crystal clear. Then, if I am still allowed, I would like to enroll/confirm, both 18th and 24th.
      Looking fwd to seeing you all there

    1. Hi Kiri,
      sorry didn’t see your comment between all the others before. Hope you will be there today, and maybe you bring a toy piano 😉 ? We can discuss with Michael then how to use two pianists…

  12. I forgot to note these dates down before and wonder if I can still come, as a dancer and expressive arts therapist who has worked extensively with Paolo Knill, a Swiss EAT who works with large groups doing comunity art (instant composition conducting). I am free on both dates. I can understand if it’s too crowded already and I am very late in responding (I see Thomas is bringing a large contingent 😉 Warm Greetings,

  13. Hello,
    last minute – I would very much like to join in as well, I am a violin player and I can come both dates.

  14. Dear Marianthi,
    hope all is well again.
    Please get in contact with Maike, Paul and Suzan concerning the ‘plan’,
    I would like to leave it up the the performance group.
    No problem from my side that you join this late.
    all best wishes,

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