Reminder: Kecak session #2 Interlocking as moving mechanism

Tomorrow: Session Interlocking #2
In this session we will continue with the translation of the interlocking rhythms of kecak into from vocal to movement and space. In session #1 we discovered that using these interlocking vocal rhythms as a base for movement improvisation gave a suprisingly dynamic and interesting balance between individual freedom, partnerships and group connectedness. In this second session we will continue to work on the principles of interlocking. First we will explore the group work more deeply, focussing on the various relationships inside the structure. Then we will see if and how these principles function as a continuously evolving structure that can lead into stories (in dance, song, words, music).

Important: Crash Course Kecak @ 13:30
To open up session #2 for a bigger group I will offer a 30-minute crash course in vocal kecak for those who are new kecak and wish to participate in the session It is also recommended if you have done kecak before but not last week! This crash course is necessary to be able to do the work, so please let me know if you want to join.

Session leaders: Marije Nie and Thomas Johannsen
13:15 doors open
13:30 – 14:00 crash course kecak
14:00 – 17:00 session #2 Interlocking
For more practical info, address etc see ‘Carpet Sessions’ -> ‘Why Where When Who?’
Please post any questions, remarks and attendance here, and we will answer you.

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