Support and challenge

In the first session, we explored practices and discovered tools that provide support in interdisciplinary instant composition pieces.
Questions we worked on:
How  we get and give support to ourselves and the environment.
How we identify support and how we change types of support.
(We realised that each one of us has their own support tools. Shifts of attention ,listening awareness, being in the context, silence, even confusion can provide support.)
In what ways we support the context of an improvised piece.
When  support becomes challenge.
In the second session, we will explore challenge.
How do we identify challenge and how do we challenge ourselves, existing structures and formats, the course of a piece?
How does each discipline identify challenge?
Is there any distinction between challenge and support?
Please, bring with you your curiosity, life experience, skills and willingness to support and challenge yourself and the practice.
23 March
From 1.30-17.00
Doors open at 13.00
Studio Vredenburg
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carpet sessions : challenge and support

James Hewitt/musician,performer and myself Marianthi Michailidou/dance artist give another session on 23 March based on the topic: Challenge and support.

In this session we”re going to investigate challenge. Detailed description will follow soon.

It is open to musicians, dancers, actors, vocalists, painters, performers, singers and whoever is curious to explore Interdisciplinary Instant Composition practice.

23 March from 13.00-17.00 , Studio Vredenburg

For non members contribution/donation: 5E

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to share, exchange, work and enjoy interdisciplinary instant composition practices.


Two Carpet Sessions on Support and Challenge



In two sessions, we, James Hewitt -musician and Maria Michailidou- dance artist are going to examine questions on support and challenge.

How do we identify and experience support and challenge in an Interdisciplinary Instant Composition context? What are their applications and implications?

What are their specific features? What do they share? When does support become challenge and challenge support?

In which ways do they determine the relationship between fellow practitioners and the evolution of the improvised work?

More specifically: How do we get and give support? We are getting support from the outside environment, as we see, hear, perceive, become aware, notice, respond to stimuli, relate. We’re getting support from the inner environment as well, as our focus is on physical sensations, thoughts, images, memories.

How do we challenge ourselves and own patterns, the materials of the work, individual choices, relationships, stories, the course of the improvised piece?

Bring your curiosity and more questions with you and come to share and explore together..

We are looking forward to!


WHEN: 2ND AND 23rd MARCH  FROM 13.00 TO 17.00

Revisiting the sessions: Video in dialogue with the body


Task 1: Anne is watching without her camera ,while Virag and myself are dancing.

We talked about the difference between Anne as a filmmaker without her camera and Anne as a spectator and our relationship to her in relation to these two roles; we experienced that the two roles are melting into each other and what connects them is the physical presence.

Question to investigate further: in which ways are the two roles melting and how can we become more specific about that?


Task 2: Anne behind the camera filming: She noticed she was busy with making compositional choices and that limited her perception of space. “I always guess the space”, she observed.

Virag had to remind herself  Anne’s physical presence while filming and that helped her to perceive the whole space, also the space that was not used.

I myself was not aware of Anne’s physical presence, as the camera was between us and her. Anne was identified with her camera.

Question: what if we include Anne and her camera in the making process? what if Anne and her camera become an element of the piece?


Task 3:The film is being projected on the wall. We’re making a piece interacting with the film and each other. Observations we made:

We’ve been shifting from image to real time movement.

We’ve been integrating the response to the image into the actual piece.

We’ve been making “free translation” of the visual material.


Task 4: We changed roles: Anne is copying my movement from the film, as she is dancing and watching simultaneously, whereas I’m copying Virag’s movement and Virag is filming.

How does it feel like to be in another’s body?

E.g. In another’s rhythm, musicality, body language, choices?


Second session:

In this session two beautiful musicians joined.

Task 1: Anne is filming body parts or zooming in actions. Afterwards, the film is projected on the wall. Anne is sharing her own perception  and ideas of composition.

The film was more about human bodies interacting with each other, the space and the music rather the unfolding and development of an instantly composed piece. Interesting and fresh perspective.

Question to investigate: what if we approach composition from this perspective? In what way will that affect the outcome?


Task 2: We are making a piece while interacting with the projected film and each other. For some of us the “body of information” was overwhelming. For some others challenging.

Question: how can we find ways to relate/deal with a large body of information/impulses/impressions/sensations/choices?


Task 3: Anne is filming whereas at the same time the film is projected.

Questions for further investigation: how do we feel as performers/musicians with receiving immediate feedback?

How does this affect the composition?

We watched the film. It reminded us of movies in 70”s. That had to do with the light-Anne mentioned-and her specific way of filming:

Zooming in on specific actions, travelling through bodies, body parts spaces and actions.


Task 4: Anne is projecting on the floor light patterns. We make a piece including the light patterns.

We experienced that: Light moulded the space

Light created a new perspective of the space

Light sharpened our focus and heightened our


Light created music.

Light had a physical presence.


Task 5:  Anne projected on the floor one of the films she has made.

We worked with this “amorphous””,continually changing shapes and forms “‘body”.


Question: How can we work with different materials in the space, e.g. patterns and/or “amorphous’, “distorted’ image?



Video in dialogue with the body: Anne Gentenaar and Maria Michailidou: January 29th and 5th February 2015

Interdisciplinary Instant Composition

In these two sessions we are going to investigate the following questions:

  • How the two mediums can be in dialogue: interact,exchange,reflect.
  • What is the meeting point and what possibilities arise
  • What kind of feedback does the camera get from the body and vice versa.

We hope to see you there!

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Dear friends and colleagues,

The last period of time I´ve been searching for opportunities  to share and show my work to different groups of people on the places where they actually live or spend their time.
Like as: zorgcentra/care centers, elderly houses, and community centers/buurthuizen.
During this on going practice ,I would like to explore the following questions: what” it is” to perform in relation to  people instead of creating a relationship with them. How to initiate a dialogue through the body and the senses and being seduced by the ephemeral and unexpected. How to give up expectations that usually arise with performing. How to forget about performing while performing. How  to practice openess within an unfamiliar context.
If you are interested in exploring performing in this context and researching the questions that arise , there is an opportunity to do so in a Buurthuis on 14 December. I asked the coordinator whether they would be interested in a performance by diverse voices and bodies and they responded with enthousiasm.
14th December is the date they proposed..Since  almost everybody in Buurthuizen are working on a voluntary basis, there is little  or no money involved. They offer us lunch instead.
It is important to clarify that I’m taking the initiative but I”m not directing the project.  Instead, I”m calling on you to build up something together. To join forces, ideas, inspirations, availability. The list is long….
If you know fellow improvisers who might be interested as well, please, spread the word.
I hope I hear from you soon,
Warm greetings,
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