Support and challenge

In the first session, we explored practices and discovered tools that provide support in interdisciplinary instant composition pieces.
Questions we worked on:
How  we get and give support to ourselves and the environment.
How we identify support and how we change types of support.
(We realised that each one of us has their own support tools. Shifts of attention ,listening awareness, being in the context, silence, even confusion can provide support.)
In what ways we support the context of an improvised piece.
When  support becomes challenge.
In the second session, we will explore challenge.
How do we identify challenge and how do we challenge ourselves, existing structures and formats, the course of a piece?
How does each discipline identify challenge?
Is there any distinction between challenge and support?
Please, bring with you your curiosity, life experience, skills and willingness to support and challenge yourself and the practice.
23 March
From 1.30-17.00
Doors open at 13.00
Studio Vredenburg
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One thought on “Support and challenge

  1. Hi all, I intended the first Session with Maria and James.
    I found it very interesting because we also came form another discipline: dance, music and theatre.
    So the approach of the subject Support was also different and very inspiring.

    I remembered that my Support was the toch of the window glass, it was very cold.
    That gave an impulse of different kind of texts and poem lines i suddenly remembered.
    When I did say those lines, it gave a support to James music. The music to Maria’s dance.

    It was very nice to be aware where and how I did got my Support from of gave Support too.

    Looking forward to your next Session on this Thursday, Esmeralda

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