Dear friends and colleagues,

The last period of time I´ve been searching for opportunities  to share and show my work to different groups of people on the places where they actually live or spend their time.
Like as: zorgcentra/care centers, elderly houses, and community centers/buurthuizen.
During this on going practice ,I would like to explore the following questions: what” it is” to perform in relation to  people instead of creating a relationship with them. How to initiate a dialogue through the body and the senses and being seduced by the ephemeral and unexpected. How to give up expectations that usually arise with performing. How to forget about performing while performing. How  to practice openess within an unfamiliar context.
If you are interested in exploring performing in this context and researching the questions that arise , there is an opportunity to do so in a Buurthuis on 14 December. I asked the coordinator whether they would be interested in a performance by diverse voices and bodies and they responded with enthousiasm.
14th December is the date they proposed..Since  almost everybody in Buurthuizen are working on a voluntary basis, there is little  or no money involved. They offer us lunch instead.
It is important to clarify that I’m taking the initiative but I”m not directing the project.  Instead, I”m calling on you to build up something together. To join forces, ideas, inspirations, availability. The list is long….
If you know fellow improvisers who might be interested as well, please, spread the word.
I hope I hear from you soon,
Warm greetings,
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  1. Certainly interested – especially when ik come to voice improvisation – would like to join but cannot make it in the weekends during december. But keep me posted for next year. You can find more about me on facebook or linkedin or look at – Good luck with this important step! Jessica

  2. I’d love to take part but I won’t be in town for the next months. I will forward to another dancer/ improviser, that I think would be very interested… Καλη αρχη και καλη

  3. I haven’t been so active with these sessions recently but this is tempting… how many sessions do you think you would like/would be needed before actual performance date? That’s my only worry – my schedule is completely crazy these days so I could only manage one or two. I’d be willing to collaborate and act as co-facilitator by helping to brainstorm/improvise loose structures, etc. We’re talking about Amsterdam I guess? I live in Utrecht so that’s another constraint; I have to travel. Let’s see who else responds and stay in contact. Warm greetings, Suzan

    1. Thanks Suzan for your interest! I don`t think we will manage to come together more than once before the 14th December.I will let you know asp. warm greetings

  4. Interested here too! Unfortunately I work sundays this december. So for the next project I would love to participate as an improvisation singer. I hope you will have an interesting experience the 14th. Enjoy the sun! Tanaquil

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