December sessions on ABUNDANCE / CONTAINMENT

W o o o h a a a  !!!   Y e s   Y e s   Y e s !
~ yes? ~
C a n   y o u   f e e l   i t …
~ wait a minute ~
C a n   y o u   f e e l   i t …
~ let me think about it ~
C A N   Y O U   F E E L   I T  ??!!!
~ give me some time to digest.  It feels like… ~

What does it mean to perform ABUNDANCE? How to play with abundance, dance abundant?
Overflowing fullness in movement and sound.
Like children, fully engaged and open to jump from one game into another.
Having and sharing a plentiful supply of… energy, ideas, stories?

What does it mean to perform with a sense of CONTAINMENT?
To be capable of holding. Knowing when to keep things secret, when to share.
To refrain from producing sound or movement. Or rather a slowing down?
A deepening of what is being produced.
Wine in a dark cellar getting more tasty by the year. Or by the minute.

Kristien Sonnevijlle and Johnny Schoofs were asked to dance a duet at the yearly Tedx event in Leiden in November. Inspired by the theme of the event “Abundance”, they decided to continue the research and bring it to the Carpet sessions.

Abundance/Containment, what is their power within the context of an improvised performance?
We are are curious to explore these words in our dancing, playing, performing.
There will be three sessions on this research, each focused on different aspects.
4 december: Abundance
11 december: Containment
18 december: Abundance/Containment, how do they live together?

The sessions are open to:
Performers, dancers, musicians who are familiar and comfortable in practicing and researching instant composition and who are able to bring in their own questions, suggestions and discoveries. Please let us know if you will be there by writing a note under this page. Preferably people who can attend all or at least 2 sessions.

More info: What are the Carpet Sessions? / Where is the studio?  (click here) 

Looking forward to exploring with you!

8 thoughts on “December sessions on ABUNDANCE / CONTAINMENT

  1. Ohhh, I’m missing dance so much! I definitely am interested and in principle many of my Thursdays are open. But, lately my body has issues which make me hesitant to commit to anything (aching joints/muscles and sporadic tiredness/exhaustion) and I’m involved in some other commitments (starting up a school) which asks a lot of me. Can I wait until closer to the first session to see how my energy levels are going? Would love to join if at all possible…

    1. Hi Suzan….. You are always welcome… you don’t have to decide now… It’s nice to know more or less who are coming. But you can always pop up last minute and surprise us… !

  2. Great theme! This will be fun and instructive 🙂
    Unfortunately, I cannot come for the very first session, so I don’t know if it makes sense for you and the group you gather if I join the other two? Let me know, we’ll be in touch…

      1. great you are joining maria… we start at 13:00…. I open the door at 12:45

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