Carpet Session on Identity

identiteit vingerafdruk

17+24 September 2015: Two Carpet Sessions on Identity led by Zwaan de Vries and Nadine Grinberg

We both come from multicultural backgrounds and Identity has always been a challenge to define ourselves. As we grow into a multicultural and global society, how does this phenomena affect the concept of identity in improvisation?

What do we mean when we use the word ‘Identity’?

Does our identity leave traces in time and space, during an improvisation?

How do we affect each other in our identities, when playing together?

And in the interplay between meaning and creation, performers and audience, how is identity being formed and transformed?

Is it enough to be yourself?

( and who is that)    

We hope to investigate this challenging theme together with you! ( who ever you may be )

We will start at 13:00 both sessions. Please leave us a comment below if you are going to be part of our research!


Zwaan & Nadine

What are the Carpet Sessions? / Where is the studio?

15 thoughts on “Carpet Session on Identity

  1. Hi Nadine and Zwaan, I was planning to come this week, but it won’t be possible after all. What a great theme! Can I join next week, or is the second session only for the group that is there the first session as well?

    Sam Israël (voice) and Esmeralda Detmers (theatre) told me they would come this Thursday. So I am sure you will have a great group!


    1. Hi Thomas,

      Yes of course you can join us for the second session!
      The sessions are not limited to same group, but it would nice to attend both as we deepen the work related to the first session.

      Great that Esmeralda and Sam can join us!
      See you soon!

  2. Dear initiators of this session, Im a bit late but I would be still happy to come this afternoon. Hope it is still possible? Looking very much forward. Warm greetings Maaike (and Im a dancer if it is of any importance 😉 )talking about identity 🙂

  3. Dear Zwaan and Nadine, busy digesting all information of last thursday? I will not make it coming thursday….But I wish you a good one and hope to see you in the field or on another session. Thanks for sharing.
    xx Maaike

  4. Hi Suzan,

    Great to hear!
    To catch up with the first session topics you can have a look at the recap we wrote (you can find it in the left menu under “top posts and pages”).

    See you in the studio!
    Nadine & Zwaan

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