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Open session ‘Can I go solo?’ 15th octobre

KecakWe want to invite everyone who is interested in groupwork-solowork in improvisations, to join us for an open session on thursday octobre 15th.

The last two sessions we have been working on shifting focus in groupwork and solowork. And a lot of new ideas, concepts and questions arose.

We have been focussing on:

      • What does it mean to work as a group?
      • What does it mean to be an individual within a group?
      • How do we use our multidisciplinary background in the group and solo-work?

It has been an exciting journey up till now. During the last two sessions we found a way to shift from group to one or none, endings becoming new startingpoints, individuals becoming a group, doing the same thing, doing different things but still remaining a group, then becoming a group of soloists, evolving into a solo of blue squares.

Next week we want to go deeper into themes like

waiting/ strechting time/timing. Adding to eachothers ideas/building on eachothers input/taking time and space/giving time and space.

Sounds interesting? Come and join us next week to share our research. Let us know through the posts, or email me at

We start at 13.00 and work till 15.30.


For more info on the Carpet Sessions: What are the Carpet Sessions? / Where is the studio?



3 thoughts on “Open session ‘Can I go solo?’ 15th octobre

  1. Hi improvisers, I cannot come this Thursday, although I am very very curious! 🙂 Hope to join you in december, when you do another open session then? Warm greetings,T

    Posted by Thomas Johannsen | October 14, 2015, 10:51
  2. I’d love to read/watch/experience anyone’s documentation or response to the October 15th session!

    Posted by Clint Lutes | October 27, 2015, 14:48
    • Hello Clint,

      due to busy times, I didn;t get to putting in writing our experiences of the first three sessions. Ik will try to do it next week. Maybe other participants can post their thoughts and experiences?

      Posted by Esther Eij | October 29, 2015, 12:07

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