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New dates for International Improvisers Meeting in Amsterdam: 9-13 March

dear Improvisers,

due to changed schedules from our colleagues from abroad, we had to move the dates a bit back for what will become the first beta version of

IIIF 0.1 – an International Interdisciplinary Improvisers Festival

It is still a bit improvised — 😉  especially time is running away to inform all of you in time properly. But we are doing our best!

In any case, this meeting/festival will start with a Carpet Session on Thursday, 9th of March and will continue throughout the weekend. With two more open sessions on Saturday afternoon (11th) and Monday afternoon (13th).  These are the sessions that are open for anyone to join us in playing/researching and bringing our knowledge together.

A smaller group of improvisation professionals who can commit to all 4 days will work from 9th-13th of March to deepen the work and look ahead to future ambitions of this festival.

Please mark it in your agenda and bare with us a few more days until we have the whole invitation gathered in terms of text and info.

Thanks!   🙂


Catherine (Instant Pudding, Paris)

Benedikte (Faculty of Fine and Applied Art in Gothenburg, Sweden)


About Thomas Johannsen

interdisciplinary performer, director, improviser


2 thoughts on “New dates for International Improvisers Meeting in Amsterdam: 9-13 March

  1. I will be arriving back from the U.S. only on the 10th, and probably jet-lagged, so I’m crying inside, but I’ll have to miss it. Wish you a fabulous meeting!

    Posted by suzanlemont | February 10, 2017, 00:41
  2. And I’ll be teaching a Improv/Instant Composition workshop at Canaldanse in Paris that weekend, so won’t be able to join you either unfortunately. Enjoy!

    Posted by Clint Lutes | February 10, 2017, 15:48

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