Reflection on video 16.5.2019 Galleri 54

by Esmeralda
Seeing our work on video of our instant composition WhatIIIF 2019 Gothenborg.  These are my personal observations and notes.
  1. Time: setting the time of the piece: 60 min. One of performers was in charge of keeping the time.
  2. Because we were with a lot of performers, we decided to do or solo/duo’s or trio in the piece.


We were with a lot of performers so we decided to have solo’s, duos and trios in the piece. This for keeping  the clarity of the piece. But when I or other performer were OUT we were still IN the piece. Even performing outside the Galleri54. 

So different research questions came up:

  1. When are you IN and OUT of the piece?
  2. Where is the FOCUS?
  3. What is the role of the AUDIENCE?
  4. Reality versus Performance.
One of our goals was SIMPLICITY.